Monday, July 23, 2012


 At the end of June, a friend, Steve Cahill, had his final show before leaving UCR.  Here I am with Steve at the gallery showing.

Then, summer started with a visit from Barbara, and we trekked down to Orange County to go out to lunch with Chad.

We headed out to LAX one hot June morning for a trip to the Big Apple: New York City.

Peter and Megan came up from Washington DC and joined us for a couple of days.  Here we are in Times Square, during the East Coast heat wave. 

We went up to the Metropolitan Museum, where we took turns posing on the steps.

We had dinner at a vegan restaurant, then headed back downtown.

View from the Empire State Building that night.  It was fun to hang out with those twenty-somethings. 

The next morning we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, then headed to Grand Central Station for lunch.

Where we found my old favorite from when I went to NY with Barbara: Zabar's.  Peter and Megan left that night at around 6 p.m. and we headed further downtown to the 9/11 Memorial.

A beautiful and sobering memorial.  It always makes me cry--just like the Vietnam Memorial.

Another day Dave and I went to the underground garage flea market, near City Quilter, a quilt shop.

And one thing I wanted to see was the Guggenheim Museum.  I was surprised at how small and intimate it was.  I loved the building, and enjoyed a couple of the exhibits. 

 Our hotel was near the garment district, so I stopped in at M & J trimmings to oogle.  Floor to ceiling cases of trims and ribbons and all sorts of trimmings.  Amazing.

Dave and I went over to Times Square another night, where I saw the Naked Cowboy--from the back.

I fell in love with the UniQlo store.

Happy Fourth of July!!

Then back home to LA, and to our lovely home, where it actually felt cooler than what we had experienced in New York, with their heat wave.  
More on some of these subjects, later on.