Monday, March 17, 2014

Photos are Missing

I don't know why I have this interesting European-style gray bar image on most of my Blogspot images.  A complete mystery.  Apparently someone flipped a switch at Google that did A which led to B which meant that many of my photos, even ones that I own and uploaded myself, are now unavailable on the blog.

I've been toying with the idea of shutting down all my Google-related blogs completely, donning a sackcloth and ashes, and hiding out in the bushes alongside the highway for some time now.  This may have pushed me over the edge.  I will still run my Wordpress blogs, however.

When confronted with some seemingly inexplicable change in our software/hardware that takes us days to figure out, my mother and I like to say that the "27-year-olds have been busy" in these tech companies, and after reading last week's New York Times article, I realize our attempt-at-good-humor tag line may not be too far off the mark.  While the article dealt with those who are employed there, with the different cultures between the young, hip, cool (think: 27 year olds) and their elder (think: 50 years old) engineers, I can also see it playing out in the world at large.  I think Google is trying to manage their massive GoogleWorld and in doing so is making moves that we elderfolks can't decipher or understand.

However, the best revenge is to live long.  Soon enough these 27-year-olds will be inhabiting their own 50-year-old bodies, moaning about what the new 27-year-olds are doing to "their" products.  I'll be long gone (pray for no Google in heaven!), but can only imagine how satisfying that would be to hear their complaints and see their confusion.

Update: Apparently if I used an old link to my old Picasa albums and set them all to PUBLIC, which means Google is further down that road about making us all link to each other (privacy be damned I want your data) then the photos will show up again.  Which they have.  Which still leaves me pondering my options about whether or not I want to blog on Google.  Those highway bushes are looking pretty tempting.