Friday, August 29, 2014

Comments Can Be Entertaining

I read the Guardian Newspaper occasionally, and recently there was a news article about the spat two passengers had over a reclining seat.  Of course, they were Americans, and so the plane diverted and left the two brawlers at a random airport before continuing the flight.  The complete article is *here* and is where I found the picture of the plane, above.

I found the comments on this British Newspaper to be very entertaining. I took some snapshots of some of the better ones.  Be aware--there may be some colorful language.


Friday, August 22, 2014


We are about to start redoing our front yard, due in part to the California drought.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I present to you my Front and Side Yard novel.
 Disclaimer: I haven't let my husband fertilize, weed or feed the lawn since we decided to do this.

The jacaranda tree stays. 

This row of junipers needs to be demolitioned, as do most of the plants everywhere else.  (And the railroad ties)

These grow boxes need to be demolitioned.

The hose bib needs to be moved to the left, towards the front of the house.

This bush/tree stays.

We anticipate that the new fence will be about where the sprinkler riser is, just under the "6."

The area to the edge of the patio, beyond the fence (and not on the diagram) also needs turf removal, with mulch replacing it.

We removed an olive tree, and need to replace the lawn in this area and replace existing sprinkler heads with water efficient heads.  That would be a separate bid, so we can compare apples to apples on the bids coming in.  It's approximately 17' by 12.'

Here's the garden sketch I drew up.