Friday, August 29, 2014

Comments Can Be Entertaining

I read the Guardian Newspaper occasionally, and recently there was a news article about the spat two passengers had over a reclining seat.  Of course, they were Americans, and so the plane diverted and left the two brawlers at a random airport before continuing the flight.  The complete article is *here* and is where I found the picture of the plane, above.

I found the comments on this British Newspaper to be very entertaining. I took some snapshots of some of the better ones.  Be aware--there may be some colorful language.


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Judy said...

Did you see that there was another "Reclining Seat Episode" yesterday on a flight from Miami to Paris? This one did not involve the infamous Seat Defender, just an upset Frenchman. I am somewhat sympathetic. I've wanted to have a few words with passengers in front of and behind me on several occasions.