Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can't Stop Coughing

And now Dave has the cough.  (Disclaimer: That is not a portrait of him above.)  I realize I haven't posted--not that anyone reads this, but if you are, my apologies.  I'm now going to go swallow a slug of cough syrup and hopefully sleep well so I can wake  up tomorrow and grade my brains out.


Judy said...

I read it. Given the health status of the Eastmond home, better to read than to see.

P.S. If you grade your brains out, how will you teach on Monday? You need to be at least ONE step above your students.

Ramona said...

Sorry to learn of your plight! We're finally back to one bedroom, as Dan had fled for two weeks in an effort to avoid getting sick from me. Someone recommended a neti pot; weird sensation and it looks like a Smurf teapot, but it did help.

Artax said...

Sorry you are sick. I am a reader, albeit one who is behind, because this past week has been grant proposal week. I am finally out of the woods enough to go clean out my Google Reader. I guess now that it's a couple of days later, you may be completely well again! Here's hoping.