Monday, April 12, 2010

Stop Squirming and Get Moving

Occasionally I like to read my horoscope. I don't read it only one paper, but I like to compare it across several papers, choosing my favorite. Sometimes they are so off the mark, it's hard to believe that it is anything but Mumbo-Jumbo. And then other days I can't believe how uncanny the resemblance is to my real life. Take today's, for example, in the Washington Post:

For Monday, April 12 -Stop squirming and get moving. When you're this restless, there's usually just one reason: There's something you know you need to do, but you feel unable to do it. In this case, it may be that you want to make some big changes around the house, but they're so epic that you're not sure you can handle them alone. Make a few calls and see what happens -- if you don't know a contractor personally, you can at least find the number for a hardware store.

How did the writer of today's blurb know I was out shopping today in Lowe's and Empire Tile? How did they know I met with Pat today, a "shower guy" recommended by the "floor guy?" How did they know I bought a Bathrooms book so I could change my current master bath from this:

to this:

or this?

This one actually is the exact shower picture I showed to my shower guy (I mean, my "potential" shower guy) because I like the look of the pristine white tiles and the blue band for accent. He said he liked the sanitary look too.


Okey-dokey. Maybe he's not the one for me. I have another estimate on Wednesday morning with another shower guy. Maybe he's the one?


CSL said...

Nothing wrong with sanitary. Remember with whom you are dealing. Good luck!

Judy said...

I LOVE that white shower with the aqua-colored tiles! So artsy looking! The blue and white version is also gorgeous. How will you choose?

Anonymous said...

I love both bathrooms! My dream bathroom for the ugly house we are about to buy (because it is in the ward we want to live in, in the town we want to live in and is a good deal) includes all white tiles, and a tiled shower that has a rain showerhead. It is a small bathroom, so I am little worried it will feel like a camper trailer, but I think the white will open it up! I love the white/navy combination!