Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fantasy Room

My husband's fantasy room is a place about the size of a gymnasium, filled with table after table after table.  He likes to see his stuff, all laid out on tables, and likes to be able to create a new stack whenever he likes.

My fantasy room is a room of any size filled with cupboards--lots of cupboards--like the room above.  However unlike the room above, I want lots of the cupboards to have doors on them, where I can hide my stuff away.

I found this picutre on a website where the poster suggested it was good for those people who like to pick up random stuff on their walks and bring it home.  I like that idea as well.


alotalot said...

I can't stop starring! I would love to have all those shelves. I can't imagine how this person was able to leave so many of them empty. Perhaps this is staged? Mine would be full of so many things, both collections and "collections". Love it!

Alice said...

I like your fantasy room...that would be mine too...