Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monarch of the Glen

 Dave and I decided to watch an old BBC series titled Monarch of the Glen, about a castle on a loch in Scotland.  We needed something to do together, as we all too often retreat to our own caves.

The setting is luscious, with an grey stone castle of obvious vintage on the edge of a deep water loch bordered by hills and mountains.  Makes you kind of want to be a billionaire or something. 

The story line is anchored by Glenbogle, the fictional estate, with its cast of interesting characters.  The series played in prime time in England, so the language and the subject matter are family oriented, but interesting.  I loved hearing the deep Scottish brogue, and have more than once wondered aloud if we should go and visit there.

Anyway, long story short--we finished the series the other night.  I can't reveal any details as a friend is watching it too, but it was satisfying and sentimental.

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