Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A neighbor brought me over a bouquet, which included this beautiful lily, probably 8 inches across.  Unfortunately I have a thing about lilies--some have a fragrance which reminds me of funerals, of that smell of stagnation. The day lilies that grow in our garden don't have these, but Dave knows not to bring me any lilies from the store.

This lily was so beautiful that I brought it into the house.  By the end of the first full day, though, I realized that it would spending its time out on the front porch.  I tried again the second day to bring it into the house, thinking it had "aired out."  Nope.  I did this dance for several days, finally realizing that the lily, in all its glory, had to go, as now I could smell it even though it was out on the porch.

But before it did, I took pictures of it.  It was truly a glorious and lovely flower, rich and vibrant in color and texture.  A stunner. I hated to see the visuals of it go, but happy to let the fragrance fade away.

Life, and blog post numbers can just slip by.  Happy 600 posts to this blog (a few back).

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Donna Smith said...

It is certainly a beautiful flower, but I understand how you cannot have it around because of its fragrance/odor! Smells are so powerful. And once connections are made, I'm not sure they are easily broken.