Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I forgot I'd redesigned my blog.
Those of you who only get me through your Google Readers have no idea what I'm talking about.

But when I clicked over here tonight to do some prep work on a post, I was startled initially by the different look. Is this my blog, I thought? The patio of LACMA is peeking out from around the texty white screen in the middle, there's a new header with a different logo, tabs up above for my other blogs  and Things I Read/Watch/Listen To (titled InPut) and clutter cleared out along the side.

I keep streamlining the blog, hoping it will also spill over into my regular life.  It hasn't yet.


Judy said...

It's a dizzy view at 4:00 AM. (I can't sleep.) I like the clean look.

Donna Smith said...

When I change my blog look, I think it too, is because I am wanting it to spill over into my life...clean up, tidy up, spruce up, refresh...isn't refresh a nice word? I'm going to go refresh my living room now! Time to get off the computer. But good job on the page. It's refreshing!