Saturday, January 14, 2012

Poems for Post-Tweflth Night

Trouble Coming, by Charles Simic
One saw signs of it in certain families.
The future was like an unfriendly waiter
Standing ready to take their dinner order
From a menu they could not read.

To look without understanding was their lot
While a salesman in the TV store
Kept changing channels too quickly
For them to retain a single image.

The little flags freshly posted in a cemetery
Said nothing as they hung listlessly
In the early summer breeze,
Not that anybody particularly noticed.

The sunset over the approaching city
Was like a banquet in a madhouse
The inmates were happily setting on fire
Just as our train ducked into a tunnel.

My father sent me a whole passel of The New York Review of Books, and the above poem was published there.  The next poem is a haiku written by one of my students last semester and I thought a fitting counterpart to Simic's.

Zipline, by Suzanne Shields
Zipping through the trees
Altitude is everything
Life is delicate.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, E.

Julie Fukuda said...

Neat! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Somehow I can't send an e-mail...but then, I am rather challenged where computers are involved.

Julie Fukuda said...

Hi again. The banner is basted and ready to go. The piano keys are all marked and cut. I have a ticket to the Tokyo Dome show. It begins tomorrow but I would never go again on the first day.It lasts 8 days so I will go next week some time.