Friday, March 09, 2012

This week really began last week, with our little trek to see the Big Rock.  The videos on YouTube have had a lot of hits, as shown above.  Where we were, there were just a few bystanders, but a couple of nights ago, the local town hired a DJ and had a street fair with over 20,000 people there.  That Big Rock's come a long way, in more ways than one.

I mentioned to my students that I'd seen the big rock and it was a thrill, fun, cool, interesting.  One young man--one of my favorites in the class for his dedication--raised his hand and asked, "Why are they moving this rock?"
"Art," is all I could reply.  "It's art."  Some are disputing that, of course, but according to the paper, there is no disputing that when other big rocks have been moved there's ancient evidence of people dancing, cheering, and maybe even a street festival with a DJ or two.

 Monday, I'd brought home a stack of their first essays to grade, along with their library assignment, done in-class.  Wednesday, I brought home in-class writings, and vocabulary words.  Today I neatly stacked it all up for after three days of grading, I was done. I printed off Monday's lesson plan and packed it all up, ready to go.  I don't have to look at it over the weekend, which is a celebration on the order of street festival and a DJ, I think.

And yes, that is a pink briefcase, purchased in New York last fall on my trip with Barbara.  I think of her, that city, Chad,  and that fun experience every time I pack it up and tote it to work.  A satisfying memory.

And somewhere in here I took a moment to photograph our local church group, the women's auxilliary, as they celebrated the birthday of the founding of that fine organization 170 years ago.  We had a little fiesta and people were in fine form, as evidenced by this video.

Party On!

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