Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympics 2012

I've been watching the Olympics, like all of you, and if I don't get too tired (because the broadcaster always saves the most compelling for last) I actually get to see some of the events.  I re-watched the Opening Ceremony because I was stuck in traffic, coming home from the Quilt Convention.  Above are the "forged" rings lifting up into the air, a very cool visual display.

I also like the art that is generated by others, inspired by the Olympics, like these three pictures of athletes, working through their fractured universe (and they'd make a great quilt).  I'm sure Gabby Douglas felt like she was fractured after her glory night, unable to compete effectively for more medals.  Some one said they should have taken away her electronics, feeling like the constant Twitter feed was a distraction.

I feel like Twitter has become a brand to push, as I see segments about the "Social Olympics:" like who "wins" on number of Facebook fans, or who is "trending" right now on the twitterfeed. 

I forbade Dave to tell me the outcome of the Women's Beach Volleyball final, and sat there glued to my set as Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings won the match.  I felt a part of the emotion, and didn't want the celebration to end.  And not once did I wish I could tweet about it, joining the endless scrolling of hashtags in comments.  It was my one genuine Olympic moment, as I have known the outcome of the rest of the events ahead.

Tonight is the close.  That leaves me only two years to gear up for the Winter Olympic in Sochi, Russia, with their quilt-like banners, which I love. Can I make these??  Better get stitching.

And P.S.  Sorry for adding back in the awful comment verification words.  There are some very persistent spammerbots out in the world.  I'll take it off when I shake them.

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Judy said...

I'm sad to see the Olympics end, but I'm worn out by crying during gold medal ceremonies. I also need more sleep. The summer Olympics are my favorite because I have just a little more time to enjoy them.

I'm looking forward to your Olympic quilts.