Sunday, October 14, 2012

Progress of Man

A French art collaborative is posting, day by day, different imagined versions of the famous Progress of Man illustration. Be warned: they aren't shy about swearing occasionally, but really, it's mostly pictures..  Dave and I looked at what they've gotten posted so far (up to 39 of 99 hoped-for) and here are some of our favorites:

Here's a  video:

And now you've seen the video, this last one is easier to understand:


Judy said...

I think the cave painting to graffiti artist in the video is my favorite.

Somer-Summer said...

The picture with the chimp in the big cage had a lot of meaning for me because chimps are the first on the Change of Man, and the oldest in the revolution of Man. Generally, chimps should be free of captivity, but specifically, in this context, our elders should be respected we respect ourselves. It refers to the law that everything that is living, is equal, or the saying, at the end of our lives, we all end up 6 feet under. Awesome picture, props.