Monday, September 29, 2014

Progress: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Yard update consists of two steps forward, one step back.  Here's the photos for this morning's update.
 Fences, plus gates, on both sides of our property are installed today.  I showed the beginnings of it all in the last post, but here are some photos showing the finished product:

 Dave and I call this the grandchildren's gate, as they like to hike up and around our property, and we needed a way for them to get through.  It's very cute.

Two pallets of flagstone were delivered and laid out.  Of course, being a quilter who works with spatial relationships ALL DAY LONG, many parts of this flagstone "puzzle" are driving me nuts.  I tried to "help" but was shooed away by the cranky foreman (see previous post).  I'll hopefully get the changes made this morning, with Dave's help (he agrees with me).

Look!  My U-shaped "grow boxes," or "raised garden beds."  It only took the owner's intervention to get them made to my specifications.
Some of the boards were cut the wrong size.  Hopefully they'll finish it up today, along with the laying of the flagstone in sand.  To qualify for the city's rebate, we have to have "water permeable hardscape" if we use any at all. So, no concrete in between the stones.

They brought out the larger basin for our water feature and set it in the ground and then worked the flagstone around it.  Then the owner found out which basin they had used, sighed exasperatedly (when I showed him--upon his request), and made them put the correct basin in.  Here's the problem with the flagstone: now it is too far away from the basin.  (see above). Luckily, I have complete faith in this company and have heard many times about how good they are, so I know it will work out.

I know the owner wants to bring in the plants either today or tomorrow, get the irrigation done and the mulch laid.  Then somewhere the sod in the backyard has to happen.  I try to stay in the house as much as possible, and out of the way.
We need green!  I have gotten used to how the dirt looks, but I do miss our greenery. Stay tuned.


Susan Rugh said...

It looks great and you are experiencing Construction. That is, things being done wrong and then time and money to correct them. Suggestions for between flagstones--steppables like Thyme or Moss. It looks great. Can't wait to see it!

Judy said...

I like the bare look; it cries "Possibilities!"