Friday, October 17, 2014

Before and After--Year of Planting (2014)

Here are a few photos, shown side-by-side, of the Before and After.  I hope to do this again, maybe every year for a few years in order to show the growth of the plants and the filling in of the landscaping.  I asked our landscaper how big these all would get.  His laconic reply: "Multiply by eight."  Okey-dokey.

Click to enlarge the photos.  The red numbers on the before photos relate to the location where I took the pictures on the plan from *this post.*

 The front hill -- the "juniper hill" -- as we used to call it.  (The trees in the after photo have not been erased: it's just an early-morning shot and the exposure was off.)

Front walkway.

Front rock wall and front door.

Standing at the outer perimeter of the upper yard and looking towards the backyard.  These photos are not an exact fit, but I wanted to show how the juniper hedge completely blocked off the side yard.

 In the "before," I lifted the camera up above the juniper hedge and took the photo. 

View from side corner towards the driveway.

 Not an exact match, but the side fence is about eighteen inches off the corner of the house, in front of the big tree.

This last one is a bit difficult to envision.  We took out all the cement "pavers" just under the number 36 in the left photo.  If you stood just to the right of that red number, feet on the brick patio and looked toward the fence, you would have the view of the "after" photo. 

Confusing?  You'll just have to come and visit.  

The other night my husband and I carried our dinner plates and glasses out to the small table and two chairs we have in front of the fountain, and enjoyed our dinner outside, overlooking the city's landscape and enjoying the new space.

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Judy said...

I love the transformation! Can you come design my yard re-do? You did an excellent job. I think your eye for piecing really came in handy.