Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fashion Week in Paris, and Other Sundry Places

So what looks are big this Halloween Season?
Mummy Wraps are In!

As long as you have heart. . . and spaceman shoes

For this spooky season, I once took a cloth doll, wrapped it in strips and painted a weird face on it to be the mummy for our decorations. I think Balmain has copied that look for their pants here.

Wraps are in for shoes--

And hair.

Well, some people's hair. This model has the Electric Socket method of styling hair.

Georgio Armani has been a favorite of mine since my tailoring days in college. I'm also a sucker for blue.

I think the drape of this coat is so intriguing--a sharp-edged collar with striped satin binding for emphasis.
Larger View of that collar business.

I like how the lining--in a sheer fabric (which, by the way, is really really popular this season)-- falls out from the front edges of this drapey jacket. (Armani again)

Queen Elizabeth meets the . . . the. . . Origami King?

From the ruff far above, to this chunky set of beads just above, necklaces are big. Especially if you're reed thin--it's the scale thing. Teensy models/oversized necklaces. This one's from Georgio Armani as well, but it's about the only one he did.

Frankie Morello's big necklace. Elegant in a twisted, Home Depot sort of, way.

Frankie Morello spells out his name on her chest. Remember when we used to wear our boyfriend's huge chunky class rings on a chain? In order for our guy to brand us his?
Updated version of Guy Branding.

This is the "more youthful inspired Armani Line that markets for younger adults" according to Wikipedia: Emporio Armani. And they have big necklaces! Veritable chandeliers!

One in every color for your fashion needs--I can just see this as the next Enrichment Night craft. Kind of like those bunches of glass grapes.

They're starting a new program for the runway models: Meals on Heels. Care to contribute to your favorite emaciated model?

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charonfamily said...

i just wish I was skinny enough to wear all that crap! Dang those skinny models! :-)