Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Campbell Soup Co. was the only stock in the S&P 500 that escaped yesterday's historic sell-off. That’s right: 499 fell, and just one rose, according to Henry Blodget, a Wall Street reporter. I don't even think we have any in our cupboard. As usual, I'm investing in the wrong things. I hope I never see another day like yesterday, and I'm not even a trader. I picked up the news just before I left for school, and even my (usually not current-event driven) students were talking about it. One student thought that at least some CEO could have jumped out of a window to dramatize the situation. I pointed out that most office windows nowadays were sealed shut.

Other News
It's still too hot here. The house was 81 degrees when we went to bed, and the A/C clicked on by 8 a.m. It's October tomorrow. Can't we be done with summer? Outside currently (according to my Widget) it's 100 degrees. Enough already.

More News
I should be grading the third essay from my 101-ers, but got stalled by one student's cancer essay (LOTS of problems). However this day has not been without some productivity: I ran to the credit union this morning to put a fraud alert on my ATM card (old card now declared stolen). Someone in Florida decided to buy something in the two-hundred buck range at their local Wal-mart, then filled up their car to the tune of 100 bucks. Happy to help out. (Not.)

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