Thursday, September 04, 2008

I must admit that while I was watching I was wondering what Burkeman was blogging, but I persisted until the very end. I sighed at the comments about how America should send out-of-job older adults to community college and retrain them.

As a community college teacher, I've taught a few of those and only the most determined make it through my remedial English class. I work really hard to make sure they feel included and try to help them, but it's tough out there.

I sighed again as I listened to McCain say boo hiss to teacher's unions, I wondered what he was thinking. It's because I have no teacher's union that as an adjunct I make less than my students do per hour at their Starbuck's jobs, that is when you factor in grading, emails, commuting, bookwork, keeping the grade sheets, writing the lessons, and organizing and schlepping. I have no benefits or job security. Many of my fellow adjuncts teach at two or three schools, juggling up to six classes (the norm is four classes--two campuses. . . we're not allowed to teach more than 2 classes at any one campus otherwise we might be considered "full-time" and they'd have to actually hire us). I love teaching, my husband has good job, so we're okay, but many of my friends are not.

In spite of the enthusiasm, and the very cute Palin girl (not her, above, but this one's cute too) McCain says bust the union's chops, but become a teacher and serve your country? I don't think you can have it both ways, which is really the problem my party has right now. You can't have been the party in power, creating all these problems, then want America to return the same party there for four more years.

(Bonnie Jo Mount-The Washington Post)

I was moved by his speech, found his personal story touching, was fascinated by the age of Cindy McCain's hands on the mike vs. the age on her face, thought McCain handled the protesters well during "his big moment." I like the guy, really. But as a moderate Republican, I didn't find enough to keep me here. Obama's not without his demerits, but I'm ready for someone who focuses on ideas, who doesn't do "sit-com" talk like his charismatic running mate who fires off clever zingers that preclude serious debate. I'm going to watch and see how the race plays out, make my decision after a a couple of the debates.

But unless something changes, I think I'll order some Obama buttons.

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