Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Week Spring 2009

Equally interesting things have been occurring in the Fashion World, as the Spring Collections for 2009 are being shown.

I'll bet Dave would look dapper in this get-up.

Or this one.

(What in heaven's name were they thinking?)

The women's clothing that I saw (stealing moments on my breaks) was beautifully colored in vibrant and muted tones that played off each other.

I liked the hemline on this dress--nice to see waisted dresses back. Now if I could only get my waist back. . .

Perfect summer dress in coral and orange.

And then there was this from Rodarte. That label is always interesting with their rips, shreds, drapes, swirls, deconstructed, constructed outfits. Perfect for church. (I'm kidding)

Start your markers and embroidery needles. Kind of reminds you of signing T-shirts at the end of school, or girls' camp, yes?

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