Monday, September 15, 2008


(Drew Friedman)

I've been reading comics all my life, so when the New York Times ran an article about how political cartoonists are depicting the Vice Presidential candidates, I had to read it. (Click on picture to link over.)

On a similar note, the LATimes is trying to decide whether or not to keep the strip "For Better or For Worse," by Lyn Johnston. I've been reading her for years, as have many of my sisters, but for me, the shine was off the apple when the news came out about her husband's affair and their subsequent divorce. The pretend comic intersected too eerily with the real life. I've been reading the "new" strip and it just doesn't have the punch.

I wrote into the Times and suggested they add "Pickles," by Brian Crane, one of my new favorites. This one reminds me of my English comp students, on occasion:
(click to enlarge)

Or this one, which is how I feel a lot of the time:

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