Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New York Fashion Week, part 2

As soon as I can head over to Home Depot and rustle up some old wallpaper rolls, I plan to make this dress so I can wear it to the grocery store. Or to Lowe's.

Skirt, thy name is perfection! These skirts by Catherine Holstein have a wonderfully detailed fly (with covered buttons--haven't seen those in a while) and wrap-waistband. I love the fluid look to them. I want five.

Okay, so far I love the Marc Jacobs show. The women, on incredibly high-heeled and sometimes platformed shoes, looked like they'd been stretched 5 inches taller. To corral their willowy height, he placed flat Mary Poppins' hats on the models. But what interested me was the sheer energy of the confusion and compilation of the fabrics and textures in the outfits.

So a blue metallic plaid shirt, with a ginghamy-looking undershirt and a richly colored reddish skirt with red hat, chunky necklace? Yes!

And here's the bag and shoes. Wrap belts, obi-style on most of the models as well. A veritable visual feast. And to think the whole show only lasts 10 minutes.

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