Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Summer Tunes

Sometimes I just get tired of my iTunes playlist, so new songs are in order. This time I was looking for some upbeat, catchy, walkable-on-my-morning-walks tunes.

I freely admit I'm not cutting edge, for all I know these are a hundred years old. But they're new to me.

I know if I put too many videos on a post, it bogs down, but here's hoping. This one's from The Corrs and is titled Summer Sunshine (as you can see from the YouTube video). The images of the house being pulled apart are kind of interesting as well.

Okay, last one. Embedding is disabled by request--that's okay--but you have to head over to YouTube to see it. Dido's done a nice tune with Sand in My Shoes, complete with summer romance and a dumptruck of sand on a city sidewalk.

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