Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rickrolling/Happy 4th of July!

Couldn't resist Rickrolling you.

Actually I got the idea from Peter's Facebook entry, where he directed us to a Firefox Update page after promising a well-made Jackson tribute. I first heard about Rickrolling from David Pogue's New York Times column Circuits. As he writes:

Rickrolling (as *everyone* knows, obviously) is an Internet prank where you send a Web link to someone, promising something exciting--but you've actually linked to a YouTube video of Rick Astley's 1987 music video, "Never Gonna Give You Up." (Eventually, Astley himself Rickrolled the entire viewership of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade last year, live on TV, as you can see here.

Okay, that's it. In honor of Independence Day, here's your patriotic pictures. Happy Fourth of July!

Washington Memorial, all aglow--seen from the World War II Memorial

A tribute to all those Scout Fourth of July breakfasts I've attended over the years

Original Daughter of the Revolution grave, Alexandria Virginia

Civil War Soldier's Grave

from a mural inside the Nation's Capitol Building

Soldiers at Mount Vernon, Virginia

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