Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy, Happy

These two are happy, happy. The one on the left is my sister Christine, who just announced her engagement to the one on the right, Douglass. We've been waiting for photos and they just arrived.

I'm happy, happy, too. I've recently had a vacation from my aches and pains, courtesy of a dose of Prednisone, for the asthma/bronchitis/whatever the Urgent Care doctor found. It's been nice to turn over in bed and not wince in the middle of the night from a sore shoulder. It's been nice to walk up the stairs and my hip not hurt. Like I said, little vacation from myself.

The illness popped up suddenly with a cough cough last week, then moved to full-blown hack hack. Urgent Care told me to follow up with my regular doctor, only she's gone for two months (we believe a huge case of Burn-Out) so I had to see her stand-in. Dr. Frankenstein. No lie. He wouldn't give me the knock-out cough syrup with codeine, but instead some "pearls," a kind of cough suppressent that I can truthfully say didn't work well at all. As a result, I was able to get a lot of research papers graded in the middle of the night and handed them all back on Monday.

Happy, happy that the semester is almost over. Happiness all around.


Alice said...

Don't you love spring? It seems to make everything better.

Artax said...

Congrats to Christine. And congrats on finishing a semester (almost).

Ruth Ferris said...

It looks like there are now some sweet notes in your life. Savor them. They are like the chocolates with the sweet centers. A little hidden extra.

Good luck with the passwords - I think they are the bain of my existance.