Monday, May 31, 2010

West Coast Thunder 2010

This Memorial Day we headed out early (9:11 a.m.) to stand on the median of a major street near our home and holler, cheer and wave flags at the hoards (over 4,000 I heard) motorcyclists vrooming up the hill in honor of Vets everywhere.

Later that night we barbecued. See for the menu and recipes.

We hollered and waved our little flags--next year I'll have to find a bigger one, I think, like these riders.

Why do we do this? Well, I remember going to Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC--extending my hand to be "high-fived" by the passing bikers. (Here, they're going too fast, and they're over against the curb.) It was an amazing day--the riders, the visit to the cemetary and the Vietnam Memorial ("The Wall"). I hope to capture a little of that when I stand out on the curb here in Riverside and wave at these bikers. Who knows how many of them are Vets? I can kind of guess at the ones who are--those who flash us the peace sign, are as old as I am, who just "have the look." But I'm also glad that there are others joining them to celebrate this Decoration Day.

I like this motorcycle because of the fiery-looking metal plate just underneath his leg.

We saw our friends, the Greens there, but they took a more relaxed approach to the event.


Kathi Macias said...

My husband, a Vietnam vet, and I were honored to ride in this event, and we appreciate all of you who turned out to cheer us on and to honor those who paid the price so we could have such an event.

Alice said...