Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bathroom Refresh

So where have I been lately?
One place is getting ready for school.  It began on Monday and I'm still not ready in one class.  So I keep at it until my eyeballs fall out at night and I go to bed.
The other place is our bathroom refresh--not remodel--as we're not going too drastic.

The sink area. . .

. . .and the shower.

And now:
Torn out sink area. . . 

. . . and torn out shower area. We're putting a bench in the corner there, and we plan to have a "wand" shower head on a sliding bar. 

 Laying out the tile for the shower on the floor to measure it.  I know everybody's ripping out their tile and putting in solid-surface paneling, but I like tile for some strange reason.  Crisp.  Clean.

Yesterday I came home and the house smelled like highway construction.  They built up the shower with tar paper and "hot mopped" it with goo.  The fans went all night and this morning I sprayed Febreeze everywhere so it's pretty well gone.

That's it so far.  I'm back to propping up my eyeballs in my head today as I keep trying to get ready for school.  First week's almost over and I already had a tangle with one student who came in an hour late the first day and an hour late the second day and when I pushed him on it a bit, he accused me of treating him differently because of the color of his skin.  (Cue: rolling of internal eyeballs.)

On a more positive school note, we have a new library, and I feel like a kid in a candy store, knowledge-wise.  We actually have plugs all over the place so I can plug in my laptop.  We have places for books.  We have lots of windows, private study rooms, a dedicated computer instruction area.  Of course, the construction company is still working on the building, because of the delay of getting all the windows, but we have use of most of the building.  It does kind of look like that first day after you move in and you can't find the hairspray or the silverware, but I'm so happy to have this "Learning Resource Center" of which the library is a part.

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Judy said...

I would consider that a remodel. "Refresh" means new paint and new pictures.
I know a good optometrist. Maybe he can do something about those eyeballs of yours.