Friday, August 27, 2010


Our Contractors.  They're sweethearts, and do amazing tile together.

Tile done!

Bottom of the seat in the shower.  They used the "jewelry"--what I call those little glass tiles--in a band around the top.

The jewelry tiles.
 When I picked them out, the tiles all looked white.  But after being set in, and grouted, the light bouncing around was limited and they're gray.  They're still beautiful, but this is one of the quirks about home improvement.  You can't always know the end from the beginning.  

I'm showing you the niche for the shampoo bottles?  Yep. I'm pretty excited about it.  Never had one of these before--very cool.

Laurel and Hardy came and installed our new counters.  Really.  Only they only spoke Spanish and and a few words of English.  THAT was interesting.  But the job got done.  And the office manager got a full report.

Shot of the new faucets.

Artsy shot of the new faucets.

So they had some leftover countertop material and we had them put it in the middle bathroom, but didn't update much else.  Except for more new faucets.

And. . . artsy shot of the new faucets.

Our contractors worked hard to make sure we had working plumbing because Matthew and six of his pals arrived last night for their Annual Boys Baseball Weekend.

Dave and I spent the evening making beds, finding towels, setting up placed to sleep on sofas, and blowing up the air mattress.  Twice.  And we're pretty sure it still went flat.  Matthew said everyone found a place (yes, he's up early and talking to me while I write).  Welcome!

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Judy said...

I love the diagonal/straight-set tile pattern, and I love the "jewelry." But best of all is the Man Picture. We women do those kinds of things a lot, but our men? Not so much. Cute pic.