Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School Daze--March 2011 Version

Correcting quizzes today.  This young man is fairly bright (all my students are fairly bright, even when they're not), but obviously had his mind on other things during the quiz about the  reading--which he obviously did not do.  I suppose that's why the Martian Man is in the border.

Another student, Mr. Know-It-All, came in today 70 minutes late (Our class period goes for 110 minutes--this is the third time he's been this late.  Should I ask him if he knows what time our class starts?).  He asked to talk to me about his paper--rough drafts on the second essay are due today.  His story went something like this: "Well, I went to Las Vegas this weekend and I took my grandmother's computer, which I'm not used to and I always compose without paragraphs or using double-spacing so I was writing and writing and I finished my paper, but when I put in the paragraphs and the double-spacing, it was eight pages!!"  He beamed, and looked at me like he was the first human to lay an egg, then continued: "Is there a page limit on our essay?"

Him: "Great, because I know you said my first topic of Violence in America was too broad, so I changed it to Violence in the Middle East."
Him: "I would give it to you now, but I don't have it printed off."

Right. I figure every student gets a chance.  He's used about 15 of his.


Judy said...

"I am thrilled that you wrote eight pages of drivel when I asked for three concise, insightful pages on a narrow topic. I will be delighted to spend an extra half hour on your paper. You have such POTENTIAL."

Tracy said...

Sometimes don't you just wonder at their thinking?