Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Movies in Riverside

While browsing through my Netflix, looking for a suitable movie to stream down while doing my quilt applique, I found this illustration of Riverside's Favorite Movies. I was kind of surprised.  Not that I expected a stream of Jane Austen flicks, or some weighty and thoughtful human interest movies like Mostly Martha, but . . . well. . . welcome to my (depressing) world.

I knew we'd have some element of white power, given the letters to the editor in our local newspaper about all those socialists in Washington and Don't You Dare Cut My Social Security.  Boyz in the Hood points out the reason why perhaps my students have so many spelling problems.  But, wow.  We have multiple universities here, and are less than 60 minutes (on a good traffic day) from a major metropolis with world class art museums.

Obviously none of the finer points of living here has translated to our Netflix viewing habits.


tracyjax said...

I'm going to take a wild guess but I don't know that the better half are spending a lot of time renting netflix movies--besides you and me of course! haha that was really funny to see!

Judy said...

What, you don't like "Hot and Fluffy"? I'm going to have to go check the Netflix faves for my city.