Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary

This is a story about someone I know from about 5 degrees of separation, but I have met her once.  It's their anniversary.  They sold their home in Washingon, DC about five weeks ago, and their new home (he just retired) won't be ready/won't close for two more weeks, so they are traveling around the East Coast, taking in the sights, staying with friends and family here and there.  She posted this photo today on Facebook with this description:

We went into Target yesterday to pick up some things. We went to the card aisle and both picked out amazing cards for each other - exchanged them - read them -kissed in the aisle - put the cards back and left the store.

I laughed because I totally get this. 
Happy 42nd anniversary!


Judy said...

Sweet story, but I especially like the picture. They have the look of a couple who could do a Target aisle card exchange. I'm not sure what that look is, exactly, but they have it.

Donna Smith said...

Ha! There are others of us out there...