Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs

I made up some little treats for my family over Easter.

I'd read about this over on GiversLog.  Amber Lee likes to mail strange and wonderful things, and she posted about doing this.  I thought I'd like to try it, so I bought some eggs, some wind-up toys, some candy.

I printed up little notes, and tucked them inside.

I wrapped the seams with sticky tape, then put address labels on them.  I taped over the addresses with packing tape because I was worried about them coming off.  When I took them to the Post Office, the counter clerk smiled as he weighed each one.  I smoothed out the postage label, and then he took my bag from me, filled it up with eggs (smiling all the while) and plopped them all in the giant bin. I made up twelve, and all but one arrived.  Not a bad event, all in all!


CSL said...

What a great idea! Hope the one child wasn't too disappointed...

Donna Smith said...

Wow, that was neat! Never thought of doing that. It would be such fun to get in the mail even as an adult!