Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

This is what I purchased as my souvenir: a Royal Wedding Cup with the picture of Kate and William on the front and a tiny one just below the lip of the cup at the back.

The bottom of the cup, as if you didn't have enough reminders on the rest of when the Big Event is taking place.

It's a relative to the one I have when Lady Diana Spencer married William's father, Prince Charles.  I'd asked someone to get one for me when they were traveling to England, as there wasn't Amazon or the internet yet. It's pretty funky looking.

And Diana's is a relative to the cup I bought at the time of Queen Elizabeth's Jubliee.  This was from a catalogue.

It kneels in homage to the Queen.
All the cups with feet were made by Carlton and were called "walkingware."  You can find some on Etsy now, but Carlton no longer makes them.  In fact they basically shut down the factory and now only produce "collectibles" in batches.  I tried to find a walkingware cup for Kate/William's wedding, but to no avail.

Here are all the Royal Souvenir Cups together: William, Diana, and the Queen.  I'm looking forward to the Royal Wedding, where I'm sure that Kate and William will be cheered on by many friends.

"Foot" note:
The three eggs cups (one for each child at the time).  
One of them had catastrophic damage done to it when the babysitter was trying to hit a fly and hit the egg cup instead.  I didn't find out about it for some time as the babysitter had glued it all back together with Elmer's glue.


Judy said...
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Judy said...

I love these! I have been woefully unaware of the existence of walkingware. Thank you for educating me. I assume you'll be serving tea and crumpets as refreshments during the show, right? It IS nice to have some appropriate drinking vessels for that.