Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York City, First Impressions

Requisite plane shot of happy daughter, as she escapes with her mother to New York City.  A trip that had been in the planning for about a year has finally come to fruition.  It will be a nice getaway.

What is it about clouds that are so intriguing?  I feel like I could get out and walk across this cloudscape.

Windows in the New Jersey Transit Station, near the New Jersey Airport.

Requisite photo of happy tourists--happy to be off the plane and moving around on ground transportation.

After checking in to our hotel, and donating dollars to the doorman for various and sundry tasks even though we didn't intend to (and brought up our own luggage), and checking in with Chad (who is bound for a company dinner) we found a cute little Thai restaurant in the neighborhood and had dinner.

Next to this cardeology shop.

Then to Zabar's of food and culinary equipment fame.  When we came out, it started to rain so I ducked back in to buy an umbrella (we'd left ours at the hotel).  "Is it raining?" she asked.  "Yes," I said.  "Then you get a dollar off the price."  A deal became a steal.  (But for all I know, it may be a one-time use item.)

Their cheese wall.

Culinary equipment, of all shapes and sizes and varieties.

Another interesting shop.  The plastic blow-up turkey was rotating around in the window, framed by the "microwave" out of black.

Sights and sounds in the Times Square Subway station.

Time Square.  Ground Zero for Tourists.  Slow-moving tourists, of which I am one.

All that remains now it to think about policemen on horses, wind down the day and head to bed.


grandma said...

Boy, do you know how to use every minute of vacation. It looks like you are having fun. Keep it up and keep blogging.

Judy said...

I see that I must make another trip to NYC to visit Zabar's. How have I not known of its existence??? It looks like you are having a blast. Two women turned loose in the Big City? Watch out, New York!

Katie said...

What a great trip to have! So glad you could go on a special girls vacation. Enjoy:)