Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Painting the House, Day Two

This is a shot of my painters ripping the trim off.  Why?  Like so much else, we're discovering more ick behind a lovely facade.  Painting a house could be a moral lesson about human frailties, I think.

All sorts of fun lurks behind a pretty face.

Two bids on garage doors for a total of four. Went with this company, these doors, with windows.

Action shot of house being primed.
We didn't like any of the first round of colors proposed, so last night after dinner I ran to Lowe's (crabby paint person) and Home Depot (nice paint person).  We rounded up three more and this morning I got up early and added those samples to the wall. Top right: Cream Yellow.  Middle Left: Antigua Sunrise.  Bottom Left: Magnolia Spray.  I asked the guy if he'd ever been to Antigua.

By the front door.

On the front of the garage.
Then Dave and I drove around for a few minutes this morning looking at different houses and paint colors and garage doors and windows in garage doors and why did they paint their chimney and how come they didn't paint their trim and do you like that one not as much as this one kind of driving around.

For Dad: the reds we like for the front door are Grenadine.  Or Mickey's Pants.  I think I just like saying that--"And yes, our front door color is Mickey's Pants." By the way, these colors are not true--I have flash on them so they present differently than what they really are.

No wonder I don't get the grading done.  They are still ripping apart the front of my house and the one guy is priming up above and I'm going to try and get the last six essays graded before the Fiction Exam comes in later today.  And the garage doors on Friday.  And the back garage door on Tuesday. 

And Micky's Pants up on the front door next week.

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