Friday, June 05, 2009

Kitchen Counter Re-do

One fine day we decided to re-do the countertops in the kitchen. We're still recovering from that decision, but here are some photos.


Notice the lovely cracked tiles on the front edge of the big counter, plus the oh-so-visible grout lines. These tiles were originally nubby, with many little bumps on them. We'd worn them off.


First countertop in: the littlest one.

Sink dropped in. This was the defective one, with the crack in the cast iron.

Countertops all in and waiting for the tile backsplashes. We sanded, spackled and painted the backsplash areas above the counters with our yellow, as the tiles wouldn't be as tall as the new subway stack.


Oh yes, this is part of after. Genero installs the replacement sink.



charonfamily said...

looks good! Thanks for the pics... I will stop bugging you :-)

Artax said...

Looks really great. And so does the new window (you tried to sneak that by).

Cynthia said...

Love it and the new window too.

Judy said...

It looks awesome! You survived!

NCmish said...

Awesome mom.