Saturday, June 06, 2009

Visit to Mom and Dad--May 2009

All good airplane journeys over the continental US begin with crop circles somewhere. I'm continually fascinated by them.

Beside the Ogden River is a walking path that Mom and Dad frequent.

Mom and I

A shot of the mountains through the trees.

The birthday lunch was at Zucca's Restaurant--known for its good food, like some local trattoria in Italy. Char (at the end of the table on the bench side) and Naomi (front, in the purple sweater) joined us.

Dad snuck out to pick up some birthday cake while we ladies lingered around the table discussing Prop 8, taxes and other sundry items.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom and Dad have teensy container gardens on their two patios. This side is herbs and flowers, while the front patio is all flowers.

On Friday, Judy had a luncheon for Mom, with a few guests. Joining Judy and Mom in this photo are Sharon Lewis and Margaret Hunter.

Outside on Judy's deck.

I hope I look as lovely as my mother does, when I hit her decade!

Carolyn Nebeker joined us.

Carolyn had made some rhubarb cobbler that was delicious.

I'm always fascinated by Ogden High school--a masterful rendition of that era's architecture.

Dad waited while I snapped a few.

Sign on a defunct storefront on 26th Street.

A visit to see my parents is not complete without some balcony time, watching the sunset.

Lunch at Trio's, in a huge rush on the way to the airport.

I was fascinated with the swirl of sweetened balsamic vinegar on top of Dad's cheese pizza. Mom and I both had the lemony chicken salad, and we were all done in record time, thanks to an efficient waitress and fast eaters. I made my plane, of course.

The spines of the mountains intewoven with Orange County fog.

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