Friday, December 31, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

When I sew, I like to listen to podcasts and my two favorites are Radiolab and This American Life.  Recently on the podcast from Radiolab titled Stayin' Alive, they told about a CPR class and the magic tempo of chest compressions that will keep a person alive.  If the person doing the compressions is too slow, not enough pressure is generated to circulate the blood around the body. If the chest compressions are done too fast, then the heart doesn't have time to fill back up. The magic tempo is 100 beats per minute and it's a real challenge to get people to keep that tempo.

A physician in Hawaii took advantage of the fact that if you ask people to remember a song, they remember the song at the correct tempo.  So he searched for a song that would assist people to get that perfect tempo.  The song? Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. (Click the link for some bonafide Disco music.) Perfect for someone trying to do a good turn on another.  Apparently CPR classes all over the globe are using this tune to keep that tempo.

However, the producer on Radiolab came up with another song that, according to her, "has a much simpler and a more direct downbeat."  It's Queen's Another One Bites the Dust.  A perfect tune for a New Year's Eve post.

So, I leave you with a video rendition of Another One Bites the Dust, complete with a rockin' out lead singer in white tennies and a horned baseball cap. (Were we really that geeky?  Don't answer that.) 

Happy New Year!

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