Monday, December 06, 2010

Cleaning Up for the Holidays

How to clean your house for the holidays:

Meet Jeff.  Meet Billy.

They come with this truck.

Legs not included with dryer.

No messy fingerprints to wipe down, or spills to deal with.

Yes.  This is the best way to clean your fridge for the holidays.  Buy a new one.
This is a corollary to "Merry Christmas! Your gift's in the kitchen.  And the laundry room."
When the dryer sounded like it was entertaining stampeding elephants, and the fridge's front started rusting out around the dispenser (bad design, apparently--it was all over the internet), and California is offering a rebate and so's the City--it's time to go down and visit our friends at Taylor's, and see what's what.  Due to the rebates, we could replace the Stampeding Elephants the same time we replaced the Rusty Front, as long as I chose the right dryer.  That means: no matching set.  I'll survive, since I try to spend as little time as possible in the laundry room.


Judy said...

Ooooo! VERRRRRRRY NICE! I say you just keep the fridge looking like that. Surely you can find other places to eat so that you can maintain the pristine condition of your new appliance.

Artax said...

Nice! Now come clean my fridge, ok?