Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Dance--re-edited

Editors Note: This is a better, and more fitting, Happy Dance

This is to celebrate the completion of:
  • research paper grading
  • developmental English paper grading
  • final exam written
  • final exam key written

This is to bemoan that I still have:
  • a whole set of essays for one class to grade
  • those final exams (which they're taking tomorrow).

Hopefully more Happy Dance later.


Judy said...

I'll pay you $10 if you do this dance for your class during your Wednesday final. Of course, you'll have to have one of the students record it and post it on YouTube so that I can watch it.
(By the way, thank you for helping me along in my Grading Avoidance.)

Letterpress said...

Now that there's two--do I get twenty bucks?

Kristen A said...

Those boys sure are cute! I love the brief side shots of Dave joining in.

Judy said...

YES! Definitely a $20 performance here. What cuties.