Friday, September 16, 2011

A Few Odd Things

Odd, as in odds and ends.  I need to get on Pinterest, especially after Barbara's post.  But here's a few interesting things I've found while trolling the web.  I think my favorite is below: Carpe Futurum.

And the first tomato from my garden.  Actually it's the first tomato from my garden that the varmints didn't chew into.  I harvested it today, cut it up and had it for lunch.  Complete ambrosia.  Yes, we're a little late, as I didn't even decide to put in any plants until we got home from May's camp out in Zion.  I guess I was just tired, or something.  But there are a couple little companion tomatoes on the heirloom tomato plant in the next box over, and I've enjoyed cutting basil all summer long.

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Alice said...

I have that Happy tattoo on my arm right now.