Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Fine Day Out

While I was at my parents in Utah, they took me to a combo Walmart/Country Western/Army-Navy store called Smith and Edwards.  It's an experience.

My Dad wanted to give me the 30 second tour (he's done this a lot) but I was so amazed by the stuff--tons and tons of stuff--that he realized I wasn't going to be quick. Above, weather vanes.

Spinning whirligig things--all flavors.

Now we begin the country/western part with your gun equipment.

And clothes to wear while you're shooting your guns, er, participating in a tactical exercise.

My favorite picture: a cardboard John Wayne as a Green Beret next to the picture of Jesus and the Children.

Get your parachutes, tarps, Army shirts and security outfits here.

The rope room.  I wanted a shot of the whole room, but darn it if people didn't need some rope and kept getting in the way.  I like the rope that looked like snakeskin.  If my Dad wasn't ready to take me to the next part of the tour,  I might have bought some just to have around. That's in case I needed some camouflage snake rope to rustle up some snakes, or something.

Fishing pole aisle.  I didn't post the gun aisle.  You can imagine that one.

I started laughing when I saw this lamp--reminiscent of A Christmas Story lamp.

Horse-riding jewelry, belt buckles, lassos--this place has everything for the well-turned-out Country/Western dude person.

My Dad bought my Mom a cowboy hat last year.  When I asked her if she had one when she was younger (she lived on a farm), she said "Heavens, no.  I didn't want to be a cowgirl--I was a farm girl."

Horns.  For what, I have no idea, but they have a wide selection.  It's about here that I realize that I am completely out of my suburban element.  

This is where you climb up on the wooden horses and try out your saddles.  Mr. Cowboy Hat will help you, and from what I could tell, he was very knowledgeable about his products.  I would definitely need his help if I ever wanted to buy a saddle.

I think these racks are just for show.

A wide mouth bass trying to catch the fake fisherman's lure.  (He's up on the dressing room roof.)

I had Dad check out the Dickies attire for my photoshoot.

This boot was my favorite.  If I got some of these, I could dance like these ladies: 

One youngster threw a giant tantrum over the pink boots, wailing to her mother that she wanted thoooose boots.  The mother, with her cowboygirl hat on her head, just turned on her heel and walked toward the jeans.

I almost bought this for Dave.  Just kidding.

For the well-turned out bridal couple: a registry. 
I've got to bring my son-in-law here.  He'd love it.  Maybe they have gift cards?


kristastitched said...

hahaha, amazing! i want some of those turquoise floral boots. wedding registry, just fantastic!

Judy said...

Elizabeth, I hope you've put those boots at the very top of your Christmas list. What a great store. Yee haw!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing! Smith and Edwards is my dad's favourite place too. He buys all his pants there...and he does a fair bit of Christmas shopping there too!