Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gentlemen, Start the Hassles!

The new semester begins in two weeks and of course, we've received the obligatory emails about buying the parking passes, for someone--in their pointy-headed wisdom--decided to offer a yearly pass but charge you 15 bucks more for the privilege.

So now it begins.  The hassles.  I chalk it up to the millions of dollars in cutbacks that our community colleges have undergone.  These cutbacks mean that much more is out-sourced off campus.  More, like the Help Desk, which when you call is answered by a youthful voice with a languid Southern drawl, and which is sometimes unintelligible.

So currently I am on hold (on speakerphone) with the Help Desk, after having already chewed up most of my morning on hold with Credential Parking Services (outsourced decals available now!), which sadly informed me that the problem is not on their side, but on mine.  Whatever that means.

I wrote back to the lady who sent out the email, and she said to talk to A, or B, or call the Help Desk, whose spiffy, choppy music with heavy guitar rotation is now playing on my speakerphone along with the earnest message that "Your call is very important to us."  Haven't we all seen through that by now?

Earlier this morning, I tried A.  She won't be in until the first day of class.  B neither.  I should say I've been working on this since last fall, and only now am getting some responses.

There are many more items that I could list which make life as an adjunct at an underfunded small community college difficult.  This is only the one that surfaced today.  And I chalk it all up to no money for the things that make life at the Little U function well.  I guess we could say that all those tasks have been "out-sourced". . . to people like me. 

Update: talked to an intelligible, articulate person at the Help Desk who was able to duplicate the issues I'm having.  I could kiss him for verifying my troubles.  The problem is NOT solved, so still no parking pass and I could STILL get a ticket on Day One of classes, but it's been "elevated one level."  Whatever that means.

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Judy said...

I figured $15 was a cheap price to pay for fewer hassles. I wonder if we could start counting tech support time as part of our professional development hours?