Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Traveling in the Mist

It's misty in Portland, apparently until about the 4th of July, when the sun bursts through and then through September or October, the residents bask in the glory of Mr. Sun.  Then back to the misty weather, or so the owner of the restaurant said.  Not this restaurant, which is basically a market with a colorful facade, which passed by on our way to Cool Cottons.

I'd heard about this quilt shop via Instagram, and Dave knew it would be kind to let me see a quilt shop and enjoy the smell of fresh, cool cotton.  I did.  We also hit Bolt, another fabric shop.

In Portland, life at first glance, can be a bit of a cliche.  We spent the afternoon saying, "It's sort of like Berkeley."  "Oh, this part reminds me of Palo Alto."  "Doesn't it feel like San Francisco downtown?"  But then you see wood-covered ATMs and you know it's a unique place.

Our hotel had an animal made out of towels on the easy chair.  And the bathroom tissue was all dressed up, too.

 We walked to Mucca Osteria, where we each had some delicious pasta.  Dave had the tagliatelle with salsiccia (sausage), pancetta, and saffron; we shared the bread basket (below), and way below is my pappardelle with wild boar ragu.  The owner of this restaurant, a man originally from Rome, is the one who gave us the overview of the local climate.

Pioneer Square had interesting lights and angles and of course, fascinating people (that's Dave, above).

Back home at our hotel, we tried to notice the Austrian crystal chandeliers, which apparently wowed them in the early 1900s when the hotel opened.  They were lovely, and huge.

We sat by the fire for a few minutes, before exploring the mezzanine, then headed upstairs to our room, which has a heavily filtered view of Pioneer Square, if you really lean to the right.

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Judy said...

Your food looks delicious and your hotel is gorgeous. Overall, I'd say it's Paradise (except for the weather, but not everyone can have Southern California weather).