Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gardening. . .

. . .has its ups and downs. It was time to kill the garden, after a too-hot July when the tomatoes wouldn't set fruit and wilt got one of the plants. (However the grape tomatoes were like candy.) Then all of a sudden, the weather cooled off. The humans were happy to finally get some cooler temperatures, but the zucchini took a dive. This is before.

This is my Jumanji tomato plant. It took over the space of three bushes (okay, I do plant rather tightly), and although little flowers would show up on the vine, it would never turn into tomatoes. Always the blossom, never the fruit.

I left the Italian Basil in the front, because it will continue to produce through fall. It also smells really good. Beside that is the Lemon Basil, behind it is Tarragon and Mint. Haven't found much use for the mint, but it smells good too. I also left the Leaning Tower of Pepper (in the nearly empty bed) hoping the last few green peppers will turn red.
And that's my boring gardening story.

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