Sunday, October 01, 2006

That Seventies Style

My niece wrote about dressing up for her school's 80s days. Her comment got me thinking about the box of my old clothes I took to Young Women camp, so they could dress up for skits. Here are some true 70s clothes . . on Millennial Girls, or the 00s, or whatever they call themselves.

I actually wore a double-color gingham dress. The bodice, of puckered elastic shirring, was all the rage for a while.

I wore this to my 9th grade dance. I don't even have any comments for this.

The piece de resistance at camp, was Brittney, who wore the wedding dress from my first marriage. Yes, it was still the 70s. Notice the shirred, puckered bodice (top part of dress). The white plastic lei is her own addition (leftover from our Hawaii night).

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