Tuesday, November 04, 2008

photo clip from Oliver Burkeman's blog

Quite a night. It began with a blurb I'd written for Ezra Klein's blog being plucked up to the forefront--quite a high to be national. Then I ran to get our pizza, and we ate as state after state were called--Ohio! Who would have thought?

We clicked between Katie Couric on CBS and the PBS Newshour with occasional dabbling with Gibson/Brokaw on NBC (very little on ABC, in spite of having Cokie Roberts). Just after California (and other West Coast polls closed) her assistant to the right held up a picture of the garbage strikers holding signs I Am A Man, and told a story about his mother. I teared up at that story as well as the history of this event.

As I listened to John McCain's speech, I was quite teary. It was a brilliant and emotional speech and I remembered why I like him so much. Wonderful, thoughtful.

An emotional night.

Wish I were in Chicago!

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