Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Weekend's Business:
1) Say Good-bye to the Sofa of Many Colors

As soon as it was posted on Cyberstake--a listserv from the church--Evan Eastman (yes, Jessica's husband) said he had a Home Teaching family who needed a sofa. I don't think he looked at the photo on the listserv because he seemed kind of surprised when he saw it.
But they took it anyway.

2) Watch the progress of the fires.
The weather has been hot, with the Santa Ana winds careening through the area with hairdryer weather, as I call it. This is a shot from the 91 Freeway and Central Ave, showing the billowing cloud of smoke over Corona, Yorba Linda and Diamond Bar. This was one of three fires going down here.

3) Make Snickerdoodles. Click here for the recipe.
(I sometimes get tired of chocolate chip.)
As I add a little spice to these cookies, I love that I can pull out my jar of whole nutmegs from Italy, grate some on the teensy little grater than came with it, and remember our time near Lake Maggiore.


charonfamily said...

Post your re-arranged front room, and PS send COOKIES! They look so yummmy!

Peter Anselmo said...

Nooooooooooo! Not the sofaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm gonna miss that purple sofa. However, I completely understand Evan's surprise upon seeing it.