Friday, November 21, 2008

She calls this one Light and Shadow.

I call this one "owie" as I don't know what she calls it.
I named this creation "Girls Listening." She said she wanted to make a record player that they were all listening to, but she got too tired, so now she supposes they are all listening to each other. I like that better.

I wanted to buy a set of flashcards of this poster to give to all the grandkids, but when I went to her commercial side of the blog, there weren't any for sale. Maybe she'll re-issue them?

So who is "she?" She's Michelle Romo.

When I'm too tired of floating in the Grading Galaxy, I mindlessly surf the web, and began tonight with one of my favorites: print and pattern. That slung me over to Crowded Teeth, a year-long project of Michelle Romo, a designer. For her 25th year she decided to make a piece of art a day, and post them on her blog. It was amazing to stroll through her creativity and creative cycles.

Her artwork is above. She talks a lot about being tired. Yeah, I'd be tired too. But really excited if I could keep at something for a whole year.

I recently bought an 18 month journal, and on Election Night I decided that I would begin writing in it. I'm not writing it for any reason but for that the reason I wanted to see if I had enough discipline to jot a few lines every night. I was doing fine until this Wednesday. Now I owe three nights to my journal. I can't even imagine having enough discipline to do 365 art projects in one year. I'm in awe. And tired just thinking about it.

She says this is about LA traffic.

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charonfamily said...

so where is the picture of the red chairs? Show 'um sister. I am dying to see what is going to be the new focul point of a very strange room!