Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth

So, January is my birthday month. Yep. All month.
I used to (when I was younger and my mother put on the celebration for me) think it was only a day--as in, Today is my Birthday. Getting older changes things, as when you receive birthday greetings from family and friends a few days late, or the gift arrives a week later. It's all good, but I'm happy to report that those closest to me--the children, my parents and Dave--nail it on the day, every time.

This is a picture of what I served: sole-wrapped scallops. It was delicious (check for the recipe over at, plus notice the new website design). Cake recipe is over there as well.

Since Dave's busy with a huge project, I offered--for the first time since we'd been married--to make my own birthday cake, largely because I wanted to try one out of my $175 cookbook: Julia Child's first tome that I'd picked up at an estate sale for $8.

Dave did the candles honor, arranging six candles in the shape of a "six." No, I'm not sixty.

I'm six.

The cake was different than the birthday sponge cakes we're used to. This was dense and rich and lovely to eat.

Matthew had timed the books, wrapped!, to arrive on the day, perhaps intentionally. I had a day of lovely phone calls, lunch with Judy, nice cards, and now this celebration.

Birthday gifts: winners all.

On Sunday, we went over to Chad's house to see him set apart as a new Elder's Quorum President, a sweet experience. Dave helped Alex and Andrew put together their Buzz Lightyear loop-de-loop track.

It was fun to see this family in their house, everyone interesting and happy. Chad and Kristen cooked us a delicious meal of salmon, potatoes and asparagus and we had another birthday cake as well.

Now this is excitement over some birthday candles!


Juliann said...

Happy Birthmonth! I read A Homemade Life last year and loved it. I also have The Elegance of the Hedgehog in my pile of books. enJOY

CSL said...

Loved the pictures. Beautiful you, happy wife, grandma and mother. Your smiles say it all.